Small World

Sean McAllister and Samir Peter covered in mud
Sean McAllister and Samir Peter from The Liberace Of Baghdad enjoy some mud
Floating on the Dead Sea looking out to the promised land, it was quiet, peaceful, like biblical times. Then Samir got water in his eye, it burned. We were both covered in black mud, I had to guide him to the shower over the hot burning sands. For a moment I was Jesus and he was the blind man, then I heard him scream. I wasn’t looking and he hit his head against a pole, stuck out there in the sand.

Back home in Amman, a friend of Samir’s calls round. An out of work saxophone player who left Iraq 10 years ago after his house was taken from him by Saddam’s men. He is depressed so we drink some beer, then we end up here in the Sheraton where I write now. We watch the musicians play and then the singer comes over smiling at Samir “Are you Mr Peter?” “yes” Samir answers, he holds a card out, “Do you know this man?” we look at the card, it is Robert’s card. The billionaire mystery from a couple of weeks back.

Robert had promised to ship Samir’s grand piano to America, but we never heard from him again. He was an enigma, we explained to the singer that Robert had made Samir play the piano down his mobile phone to friends in America. He told us they were important White House people, then the singer smiles at us, “He told me to do the same.” Samir looks embarrassed. Well it is a small world.

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