Premier of The Liberace of Baghdad – a note

It might be worth noting that (at the SIDF World Premiere of The Liberace of Baghdad) along with Sean Mcallister and Samir Peter, Sean Langan and Salam Pax will also be in attendance, and give a talk before or after the film. Sean Langan is another freelance film-maker who has made films of Iraq and Afghanistan before and after the current troubles, shown on BBC and similar. Salam Pax is the infamous Baghdad Blogger, fresh from a visit to the States I think. According to the blurb I read, he now works for the Guardian and contributes to Newsnight [BBC evening hourly news show] alot. It sounds like an interesting evening.


  1. rudeforth says:

    Mission Accomplished? Documentarists At War
    The Storyville Session

    Sean McAllister and Sean Langan have both made significant films about the conflict in Iraq. Neither of them were given substantial upfront funding – so how did they do it? What do these documentaries do, that the news couldn’t? And how can we continue to cover this story – which is likely to get more and more dangerous? The film makers discuss these issues and are joined by The Baghdad Blogger, Salam Pax, an Iraqi resident which has now become a columnist for the The Guardian and a regular contributor to BBC Newsnight. Storyville’s Nick Fraser introduces and chairs this highly topical event.

    Chair: Nick Fraser, Commissioning Editor, Storyville, BBC

    Sean Langan, Film Maker
    Sean McAllister, Film Maker
    Salam Pax, Columnist, The Guardian & Reporter, Guardian Films for BBC Newsnight

    Sponsored by: BBC
    Produced by: Alex Cooke, Film Maker

    Samir Peter will be joining Sean Mcallister for a Q&A after the screening of Liberace of Baghdad on Saturday 13th November

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