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The Reluctant Revolutionary

The Reluctant RevolutionarySean’s new documentary ‘The Reluctant Revolutionary’ will receive its world premiere at this years Berlin International Film Festival.

The film, which is set in The Republic of Yemen, will open the the festivals’ prestigious Panorama Dokumente section on February 10 in Cinestar7.

The Reluctant Revolutionary is about a Yemenite tourist guide who slowly abandons his professional distance towards the political “spring” in his country. His experiences with a customer, one of the last tourists in these turbulent times, politicize him.

Premier of The Liberace of Baghdad – a note

It might be worth noting that (at the SIDF World Premiere of The Liberace of Baghdad) along with Sean Mcallister and Samir Peter, Sean Langan and Salam Pax will also be in attendance, and give a talk before or after the film. Sean Langan is another freelance film-maker who has made films of Iraq and Afghanistan before and after the current troubles, shown on BBC and similar. Salam Pax is the infamous Baghdad Blogger, fresh from a visit to the States I think. According to the blurb I read, he now works for the Guardian and contributes to Newsnight [BBC evening hourly news show] alot. It sounds like an interesting evening.